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2009 MLB All-Star Game

I feel like I've been ripped off its ridiculous.

Here are the top 15 vote receivers in the AL outfield.

1.Jason Bay Red Sox 729,590
2.Josh Hamilton Rangers 685,463
3.Ichiro Suzuki Mariners 481,263
4.Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners 452,849
5.Carl Crawford Rays 439,870
6.Torii Hunter Angels 422,220
7.Nick Markakis Orioles 412,824
8.Johnny Damon Yankees 397,963
9.Nelson Cruz Rangers 390,903
10.Adam Jones Orioles384,774
11.Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox 374,662
12.Grady Sizemore Indians 348,660
13.J.D. Drew Red Sox 297,174
14.Curtis Granderson Tigers 279,687
15.Bobby Abreu Angels 265,211

Wtf? Josh Hamilton.

So I have decided that I am going to compile there stats post them here and use a scoring system (Which I found on the internet) to figure out what the real rankings are.
(AVG-Average, OBP-On Base Percentage, H-Hits, R-Runs, HR-Homeruns, XBH-Extra Base Hits, RBI-Runs Batted In, SB- Stolen Bases, A-Defensive Assists)

1. Jason Bay
AVG-.288 OBP-.415 H-51 R-38 HR-15 XBH-29 RBI-49 SB-5 A-3
2. Josh Hamilton
AVG-.240 OBP-.290 H-30 R-20 HR-6 XBH-13 RBI-24 SB-3 A-2
3. Ichiro Suzuki
AVG-.352 OBP-.383 H-69 R-19 HR-5 XBH-15 RBI-16 SB-8 A-2
4. Ken Griffey Jr.
AVG-.208 OBP-.327 H-25 R-15 HR-5 XBH-10 RBI-14 SB-0 A-0
5. Carl Crawford
AVG-.324 OBP-.383 H-69 R-40 HR-3 XBH-17 RBI-25 SB-30 A-3
6. Torii Hunter
AVG-.313 OBP-.396 H-56 R-37 HR-12 XBH-25 RBI-42 SB-10 A-1
7. Nick Markakis
AVG-.298 OBP-.362 H-63 R-38 HR-7 XBH-24 RBI-40 SB-1 A-4
8. Johnny Damon
AVG-.301 OBP-.367 H-58 R-40 HR-10 XBH-24 RBI-31 SB-5 A-3
9. Nelson Cruz
AVG-.296 OBP-.360 H-53 R-29 HR-14 XBH-25 RBI-36 SB-9 A-3
10. Adam Jones
AVG-.344 OBP-.400 H-64 R-41 HR-11 XBH-26 RBI-36 SB-4 A-4
11. Jacoby Ellsbury
AVG-.299 OBP-.335 H-64 R-28 HR-1 XBH-12 RBI-15 SB-21 A-1
12. Grady Sizemore
AVG-.223 OBP-.309 H-46 R-29 HR-9 XBH-21 RBI-31 SB-7 A-0
13. J.D. Drew
AVG-.248 OBP-.359 H-38 R-28 HR-7 XBH-19 RBI-23 SB-0 A-3
14. Curtis Granderson
AVG-.258 OBP-.339 H-51 R-38 HR-13 XBH-19 RBI-30 SB-8 A-2
15. Bobby Abreu
AVG-.295 OBP-.395 H-49 R-21 HR-1 XBH-11 RBI-21 SB-15 A-4

Now to calculate the scores. Scoring Basis, AVG(20), OBP(20),H(1),R(2),HR(3),XBH(2),RBI(2),SB(1),A(10).

So these are the collective points of all the players listed from the best to the worse.

1. Jason Bay 505
2. Adam Jones 495
3. Torii Hunter 462
4. Nick Markakis 461
5. Johnny Damon 446
6. Carl Crawford 442
7. Nelson Cruz 436
8. Curtis Granderson 412
9. Ichiro Suzuki 358
10. Bobby Abreu 353
11. J.D. Drew 351
12. Grady Sizemore 348
13. Jacoby Ellsbury 336
14. Josh Hamilton 291
15. Ken Griffey Jr. 211

Now you see that 2 of the top 4 are the actual bottom 2, and the number 10 is actually statistically number 2. So PLEASE GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! No one (cept for some Yankees and Red Sox fans) want the wrong people to be there because its not fair.

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Cavaliers at Sixers Preview

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 18-3 and have won 9 games in a row. They are averaging almost 14 more points per game than there opponents. On the other hand the Philadelphia 76ers are 9-12 and have not played like anyone one expected them too.

So why do I think the Sixers have a realistic chance in this game? Its a good question.

Its simple, when the Sixers are running full force and playing well they can take on any team.

Im not sure if we will get Elton Brand back for this one, but when he is playing healthy they have a great low post game, they have 4 guys on the team that can offensive rebound in Elton Brand, Samuel Dalembert, Thaddeus Young, Reggie Evans. And they have at least two more guys who can rebound well.

We have a good amount of guys who can shoot well also.

That is about all folks
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What is up with the bucs

Ok so, these are the stats for the bucs going into last nights game at Carolina. 95.6 Rush yards allowed per game, 1 Rushing TD all year

Yesterday that same 4th ranked bucs defense gave up 299 Rushing yards. 299 and 4 rushing TD's.

Now im not gonna deny that the Panthers have two great runners but it looked as though Tampa just could not tackle multiple times a runner was hit or had multiple people hit them and they did not go down. I don't know if it was the cold or something but it did not look good at all. In the 4th Quarter Warrick Dunn had about 800 dropped passes.

Successes of the week:

Jeff Garcia- A Player who on paper looked pretty bad but managed the game well.

Antonio Bryant- He had a career day, and one spectacular catch but it was to bad they lost the game anyways.

Carnell Williams- He didn't play particularly well but he did get a nice touchdown.

Failures of the week:

Warrick Dunn- He did not run well and dropped multiple passes at key moments in the game.

The Buccaneers Run defense- It looked like it had no clue what it was doing, nnot a good game at all

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